Extensive Studying and its rewards

Well I have been on an extendsive study break, more or less. I can usually only come out of the library for our rehearsals with the Puddleby Players - and occasionally a few days after that.

I have not been entirely unproductive as evidenced by the creation of our clan scroll complete with sketch albums, graffiti wall, and even a voice chat device (which is currently ooc). You can see the results of my studying at https://laughingacademy.org.

I am hoping that my fellow clan members will contact me so I can give them their Magic Pen information. Magic Pens enable the holder to contribute to the graffiti and sketch areas of the scroll. Also if I managed to flub up the bio of one of our members, I hope they also let me know so I can correct it.

One benefit of this extra studying is that I earn a few ranks every time I leave the library. So I am getting stronger and more capable. Although I am nowhere near passing third circle, at least I can help keep a solo fighter up on the cloud, at LP and other areas where I previously wondered what if anything I contributed.

I think I have found my niche while at this level. On bigger hunts and invasions I run and heal the red exiles, then yellow exiles and finally the green exiles to white. Seems like this tactic works best in the chaos that normally ensues on any large gathering. I have found that most hunts I join now do not end in the customary call or toggle for help, as we tend to stay on our feet.

My four year anniversary will pass in a few days. In those early days, I knew I would someday make it to a level where I did not need constant protection. Frustrated as I was with my inability to do any rescuing, I still kept at it. In the process I learned how to dodge many attacking critters while at least making it to the snell where the fallen lay so I could Sunstone their location. I find if I keep my wits about me, I won't manage to get myself surrounded as I did frequently before my extensive studying began. So even after four years here, I am still learning.