Yay! Largo returns

Ya I know this is late, but hey I have been studying very hard with Suu'uuuuuB III. I am hoping his training will put me back to the super Respia I had before that kept me alive before I dumped all my stored ranks into Sespus and Faustus. That put me below 2:1 (faustus:respia), so it's been a little painful for me to heal others at times and slow for me to recover. Gee I feel like wenchy does now...

Anyway, I am still looking forward to the upcoming Book II trip, which I think I need to remind everyone about. I have cleared my other committments just to make sure it will happen. I went on a hunt recently and saw the room where Book III was but could not open it, to the dissapointment of the party. I guess you need to be a Book II PF to open that door. It was filled with nasty noids so I would have fallen badly if I had entered it, and may have been stuck. Still I can't wait to start on Book II. Lorikeet & others were kind enough to let me know that for Book II you do not need to store ranks since it is only one chapter, and you can do the second chapter as a pretext at Book III.

Finally, I am so happy to hear that Largo, the ultimate Fen's Fen, has returned and is seeking office, so I will be busy making buttons for him, and campaigning for him. Things are just more fun when Largo is in office, sorry Odes, but in times like these, we need fun.

that is all!