Eeeketh! Another season has passed

Well, now-a-days I am getting out of the library more. I continue to update the Clan scrolls, and cavort with my clan mates when at all possible. I am closer to passing third as evidenced by what's her name saying that I more than healed her halfway. I subscribe to the Lorikeet method of passing, if only I could actually pass! Anyway, I hope to pass on the four year anniversary of my passing second. Hmm that gives me ideas...

On another sad note, it appears my pal DragonHawk has been lost somewhere in the library. I last heard he was studying very hard. I hope he actually made it to the library this time before going on his extended break. Equally sad is the disappearance of Largo, the fen I was campaigning for to serve as the Fen President. Largo was always kind to me and exceedingly generous. I was hoping to return the favor by campaigning for him and giving him Good Karma whenever I could. I had hoped to see his name blue, but alas he left too soon before I could resume that.

It seems that several exiles are missing these days, all I assume are very busy studying. At least I can take comfort in the fact that many old timers have found their way out of the library. Especially nice to see are some long lost LA clan mates, some of whom I never met before their return. It's funny, the more things change...

On a happier note, by fiat I started a seasonal clan hunt and also declared a Brew & Brawl to follow out clan hunt. I have to thank our short time former member Brandon for the creation of a LA Clan Hunt, as I started it to keep him in our clan. Although attendance is usually sparse as members still believe it occurs weekly, I believe the introduction of a bribe after the clan hunt - pending rescue of us, will help shore up attendance!

Well my time is up for now. See you in the lands.