Darnit! I should have waited until the 1st

I messed up. I passed the healer test last night. I was planning on waiting for April Fools to try again, since that is when I passed into 2nd circle a few years back. I guess that's what I get for dumping my stored ranks into Sespus and Faustus. I no sooner pass than Geo is telling me I need to train Proxi. I told him I will in a few years (bwa ha ha ha). Anyway, when I eventually get around to updating our site, I will post the visionstone on the LA site.

What's funny is that many already assumed I was third circle. I know, shocking that after all this time, I still don't cad. But I have a friend who has tried it, and basically hates it - but then again she is a wench. I hear she wants to hurry up and make 4th so she can at least upgrade to a merc. Anyway after hearing about Wenchies issues with cadding, I can totally understand Lori's disdain for that infernal contraption. Heck, I may just skip cadding altogether and work on my self heal and hardiness. From what I have witnessed, when I fall it can cause others to fall while the healers try to raise me vice healing fighters.

Finally, I went on the OWE hunt yesterday, boy was that fun! It was fun playing BB yo-y0. I was pretty good about avoiding healing them until they fell, since I knew it would mess up their BB skills.

After that hunt I studied for a couple of hours and then went with Geo & FB to someplace in the OOB? or was it the NOOB. Anyway we made it to an underground area then would pop up to fight the nasty Orga. I think I managed to fall only once, perhaps twice. Unfortunately the other much higher (and more important healers) fell pretty hard. I think Creed ended up using five potions to raise them. Geo was not happy, he said "Out means out!" You don't have to tell me twice, I would usually run screaming back to the well on yellow, since I was taking 30% hits. In this case a Cad or similar device would have been helpful since the chain lightening is too dangerous to try to heal exiles by touching. Oh well, maybe someday - when I get a merc I will be more useful.

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