Last LA Book 1 trip*

* for a while...

Well today was great fun with the last LA organized book 1 trip. Okee so basically we set a date and time and prayed exiles would show up and boy did they ever. It was so much fun, with Ogant leading and the mighty weapons of BlackHole, Kalian, Noivad, and Torin as well as so many others. I must say I think this is the shortest amount of time we have ever required to reach book 1. By Punny's account a mere 2 puddleby hours (ooc: 30 minutes). It was a lot of fun, since we were able to hang out in cave 2, and beat back the crimsons, pitches and malachites that kept spawning. Amazingly enough, no one ended up PND!

I did manage to make one mistake and almost cost us our mission, but lo and behold, the Zo warriors and the mighty healers (J'jh, Geraldus, Kitlin, Darth Wader, Alexia) managed to fend off a dozen or more malachites that myself and Punny accidentally lured back from the sw corner of cave two when we got a little bit excited and thought we could run for book 1. At about that same time while we were running for our lives back to the center of Cave 2 where Ogant and company were camped out, they were battling about 5-6 malachites. We had quite a few fallens but miraculously managed to raise all and beat back the nasty noids.

It was pretty cool that Torin volunteered OWE's help with this, as we never would have made it without them. It was interesting that since it was really only one dominant group (OWE) vice the two that we had last time, that there were no major (as in disaster) falls.

I have to say, I was most impressed with Ogant. He had a great sense of timing and seemed to know when it was safe to move forward, when to lure and when to hold. I think we only had to retreat once the entire time (thanks to me & punny's jumping the gun for book 1 - iirc).

Anway, I am rather relieved to not have to organize any more Book 1 trips, at least not for four years. I may organize one before the next Tsrrin. As for this Tsrrin, we will be going to Book 2. That is going to be mighty expensive! Lucky for us, we have a season or so to collect massive amounts of coins to bribe um reward the two mystics we need for this trip. I actually already know who I hope we can get.

After Tsrrin, we also plan to go to Book 3 around Bawkmas.

Anyway details on the Book 2 trip can be found here: http://www.vagilemind.com/clanlord/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=4721&p=92307#p92307

Happy hunting!

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